Waking up and getting up has never been easy.

In my field of work it’s inevitable that one day, the early shift will come knocking. I’m currently starting work at 7am, waking up at 5(ish – very ish). Now that may not sound that early (I hear mothers tutting…), but note the following:

  1. – My morning commute is something to weep silently about in a rather joyful manner.
  2. – I can strut down the street when listening to Beyoncé and no one will see me because they are ASLEEP.
  3. – As everyone is asleep, there’s not much work to do until 9.

So because there’s not that much work to do until 9, I do what I need to do whilst listening to my New Years Eve 90’s Party playlist.

This is dangerous. Why? Dear reader, as you’ve dared to ask I shall indulge. This morning whilst happily tapping away at my keyboard writing a lovely response to a client, the Grease Megamix started pumping into my adrenal glands. (Not literally, my earphones won’t stretch that far). Anyway, the chills multiplied and I pretty much started up a routine from a long past school disco whilst sitting on my wheel-y desk chair. It was a sight to be seen – but that’s the best part, no one could see as it was 7am.

Actually no, the best part was in place of a hairbrush (as a microphone), I instead chose a new years resolution lunch menu item. The humble carrot.

Talking of healthy lunches – How inconsiderate of Cadbury’s to change the recipe of the ostentatious Creme Egg just after I pledged to my waistline never to eat food I like ever again. Now OF COURSE I need to carry out a taste test to ensure that yes, the recipe has changed and whether it’s to my taste. As an ex-scientist, to carry out a proper trial I need at least 3 months of ongoing testing to gather enough raw data for further analysis.

Or I could ignore it all and remember they don’t pay enough tax.

On a lighter note, tomorrow I shall share with you my 90’s song of the week + bus strike ramblings. I spend a great deal of time in deciding which will be next to share to my Facebook friends (I’m sure I’ve been unfollowed by most), so I hope you will enjoy. I don’t however spend a great deal of time on a bus, striking, or taking part in a bus strike, but I still have something to say and I guess you should enjoy that too.

Peace out xoxo


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