Introducing: 90’s Wednesdays

As promised, I’m sharing my 90’s Wednesdays with y’all:

New Radicals – You only get what you give

Interesting lyrics (if you can understand them), but my favourite has to be “Wake up kids, We’ve got the dreamers disease”.Although, I’m not certain they’re singing “We’ve” but I’m not one to judge grammar in songs. Or any lyrical content, as I’ve written a few poor songs in my time…

The reason I post 90’s music to my friends is mainly because it’s my turn to post – We’ve had Mariah Mondays, Beyoncé Mondays (yes, I realise that I’ve mentioned Beyoncé twice in the last two posts), and I thought…why limit it to one artist when there is a whole decade of fun? I chose the 90’s because it’s actually a pretty good decade for music…

…Or at least when 5ive is played at my local bar at 11pm on a Friday, no one runs away screaming. Music doesn’t have to be good or fashionable to listen to, despite what all the cool kids say. Everyone has a secret passion for cheesy music, even if it’s just one song. If you have a song to share (preferably from the 90’s), please comment and provide me some insight into your life. I want to know why it’s your 90’s song too, so don’t hold back!

With that, I shall bid thee a goodnight.




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  1. Just one? Impossible!


  2. Though as a reformed early-nineties indie-kid music snob, I do have a not-so-secret predilection for 5ive, Steps, Britney, A1 and (whispers it) The Spice Girls…


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