Champagne Supernova

This afternoon I am drinking prosecco out of a wine glass in the office – I must say, I have finished work but as I’m a bit of a loser, I’m hanging around waiting for after work drinks. So I thought – What a perfect opportunity to post #5!

I’m not usually a prosecco drinker (real ale kinda girl) but as it’s there…I don’t see a reason to turn it down.

Today I shall talk a little bit more about myself, in an attempt to open up and reveal the true me.

I’m a proud geek, I subscribe to a monthly box of geeky goodies. I play lots of computer games and plan to have a Zelda tattoo in the near future (see pic for the kind of thing I’m looking for).

zeldaI read library books that haven’t been borrowed in 20 years. I listen to the music that everyone pretends to hate. I love to manipulate photos. I try to go to exhibitions with friends, but no one shares my tastes…but fear not, I still go. I have a weird love for excel – I have a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING. Honestly, Excel fixes all. I’m currently gearing up to learn Mandarin (My brain needs some massaging). I’m desperate to buy a flat, but I have a long way to go in terms of saving for a deposit…like most!. I’m a born and bred Londoner, and I hate to leave (I did it once and had a miserable time). My current project is researching my family tree which is a fucking nightmare, but so far I’ve learnt that my ancestors didn’t move from the same area in London for 200 years. I watch cartoons in my pjs on a Saturday morning, and wish I could go to cheap early Sunday morning cinema screenings like I did when I was young. I will pretty much watch anything on Netflix, so long as it’s not horror (there’s a lot of crap on there, and I love it).

I’m almost 6ft, which used to be terrible but now it’s not so bad (other than finding clothes that are long enough…I have a long body and relatively short legs for my height). I’m on a quest to lose weight YET AGAIN – my last attempt saw me lose 6st, but pile ~4 back on. Fitbit is keeping me on track at the moment, but we’re only on week 2 of this year (and I’m drinking prosecco at 5pm…)

I’m the eldest of 4, and we’re all pretty geeky. It helps with playing multiplayer games…but we pretty much stuck to the single player ones and rallied around a user guide helping each other beat the boss. That was probably one of the only group activities we did that didn’t involve an argument…

I didn’t reveal my true geekiness to the world until mid last year. I’m now regretting that I held back so long, but those who know me the best know my true self.

Apparently I really can write about myself for a long time…

Anyway, tomorrow I shall be catching up with all the blog postings I’ve missed from our little group, and I might take a trip to the Tate just for shits and giggles.

So now I’ve finished the booze, I’m off for the next tipple. Thanks for reading!



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  1. Good to learn a bit more about you – and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who loves excel! Hope you enjoyed the after work drinks 🙂


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