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Hello all!

First off, major apologies for the short hiatus – It’s been one of those weeks where I spend my hours working and then sleeping. It happens sometimes, I should just blame my immune system but instead I blame my genetics.

Anyway, I’m sitting here eating a bowl of my mommas homemade chicken soup (that woman knows how to make me happy) and it has revitalised my imagination. No, there isn’t any “special” ingredients in said soup, so I won’t entertain you with hallucinogenic ponderings. Instead I’ll try to entertain you with my boring week.

It started off relatively well – I know this because I exceeded my fitbit steps target on Monday, which means I was in a good enough mood to walk after work. Fitbit is playing a big part in my life at the moment…It’s like the friend who has the guts to tell you that you’re fat. I’m loving it because I’m a statistics geek, but OMG the guilt I feel when I haven’t walked is irritating. My arthritis kicked in on Tuesday-Wednesday, which means I either limp like a pimp and deal with the pain, or alternatively I work from home. Either way, it makes me miserable (and the drugs make me sleepy). Resting worked and I was back on my feet by Thursday – Work however was relentless and I dealt with more urgent issues than I prefer. I think clients wait for me to be in the office before they raise a massive problem as it does seem that I’m the only one who works on them. I’ve found though that as soon as I leave the desk, the phone rings – I prefer this type of sixth sense as then it means I don’t have to talk to stupid people.

Sorry, I say stupid people not because I believe I’m superior to anyone who calls – Most of them are very good at their jobs. I just think calling a software company is stupid. I’m very much a text based kinda girl – my typing skills were developed by countless nights spent on MSN Messenger – so I like to put the skill to good use via email. I can also re-read what I have written before sending which allows me to sound good at my job, rather than the stuttering on the phone that sometimes occurs when I’m not sure what to say next…

Anyway, Friday drinks were fun – Half the office is in America next week for their annual sales conference, so I made it my goal to get them as drunk as possible as to have a terrible flight the next morning. Yes, I’m mean, but they were all booked into business class so I don’t see the problem. I’m visiting our American office in a few months time and I’m in economy (near bottom in the office scale of importance you see). I’m using the opportunity to visit NYC whilst I’m there as I’ve not been and it’s only a 2hr flight from North Carolina. I’ll need some suggestions of things to do as my list thus far contains:

– Shopping

– More shopping

– Visit Ground Zero

– Go to a few museums

I’ll be there for 4 days and I’m sure I’ll find other stuff to do, but hit me up with suggestions!

Where was I…Oh yes, so yesterday and today I’ve spent packing up my shitload of crap as I’m moving out of my lovely abode in a few months time back to the parentals house. I know it’s early (I’ve had to explain it to my flatmate too), but one thing I hate in life is moving. Packing is fine, I have no problem with it whatsoever – but moving my stuff around kills me. I don’t want to lose or forget anything, so if I do it in chunks I’m less likely to screw up.

I’m now looking into a shell of a room practicing a minimalist lifestyle. I like things, but I also like clean lines. My dream is to own a property where I can hide everything away and pretend I’m cool. However, the only way I would allow this to happen is if I had rotating walls, therefore intending on leading a millionaire’s lifestyle by the age of 30. Ha!

If I did have a house of awesome, I would have a room dedicated to the 90’s. Lots of inflatable furniture (transparent, obvs) and back catalogues of TOTPs & Smash Hits magazine. There’s more but I’ll talk about that in another post.

Well, that’s me for this week – Catch you on the flipside xoxo


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