I started the morning off with No Diggity which is fine on my 2 minute walk bounce to the station, but once on the tube (it’s a long song), my head starts bopping and I must look so ridiculous. At least it wasn’t Vogue – last time I listened to that in public I had to suppress the urge to strike the pose. Though I must say, I was walking down Oxford Street at 6pm, so it wouldn’t have been so bad – Most people look like they are carrying out interpretive dance when manoeuvring clueless tourists.

So previously I’ve mentioned that I have been likened to Miranda Hart – At first I laughed it off, and then I realised that maybe there was some truth in the comments. So when I write down thoughts like the above down it’s VERY difficult to accept that I’m not as unique as I thought. It’s taken a while for me to realise who I actually am – I’m your general geek:

I own a Raspberry Pi, an extension back catalogue of game consoles and games, multiple superhero t-shirts, multiple graphic novels (ok, comic books – I was trying to be an adult) and an array of geek jewellery.

I work in IT (and enjoy it), I learn code as a hobby, I studied Biochemistry and I love Excel (previously mentioned but I have a serious addiction).

Sci-fi is my favourite genre of books & film (I watch and read most things though) and I love a good discussion regarding Harry Potter.

HOWEVER. There is one thing about all of this nerd-talk that makes me unique. I have never seen Star Wars.

Yep. Not even ironically. I’ve just never felt the need to watch it, and I’ve never been made to either. It’s a franchise of films that never caught my parents attention and so was not forced onto me (like James Bond films were), but amusingly, I still know a lot of about it for someone who ain’t bovvered. Advertising works, apparently.

One dayI will watch them, but I’m not rushing. Since Disney bought the franchise I’m expecting a sing-along film to be released (which I will definitely watch) but until then, again, I ain’t bovvered.

In other words, I’ll comply when I’m swept off of my feet by a geekman who politely informs me that unless I watch all 6 (and counting) films back to back I’ll be refused any sexual advances.

Got to have a goal to work towards…



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  1. My (now ex) brother-in-law made me watch the films when I was 21… I dutifully sat through all three (cos there were only three then) and I have to say my overarching thought was ‘meh’ plus a bit of ‘Harrison Ford IS quite fit isn’t he?’

    If you go on to watch it now I understand you’ll have to sit through another three films, and that (if I’m correct) you have to watch the new ones first cos they’re set earlier in time? Or something??

    As I said, meh.


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