Can I get a witness?

Enjoying a second Sunday morning with Beggars Banquet (Sticky Fingers would have been too filthy to write, and breakfast consists of a couple of digestive biscuits & coffee). If you’re not a Stones fan I won’t judge, I’m not their biggest but I must say this album is contagious. Listen if you wish, or at least lend an ear to Dear Doctor.

I’m warming up the day with a post, followed by finally reading a book written by a colleague of mine. Not sure why it has taken me so long as it’s only 60 something pages, but once complete I will share a review on here, adding a book review I wrote in 2010 when starting a side project on writing reviews. He will be most pleased, I downloaded it a few months ago and haven’t bothered to charge my iPad to read it. Sorry Tim. But note that I am now devoting my precious gaming time to read your first published works.

Perhaps reading will encourage me to write some political poetry. I need to rework at 2013 poem for a 2016 audience so perhaps I’ll start there. Of course, the London mayoral elections are on the way so plenty of fuel for my creative juices. Or (most likely), I’ll procrastinate and watch SpongeBob.

Stay tuned, another post will be up later. It might be my last based on multiple previous track records.

Peace out love muffins xoxo


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