Silverton County SD-101: Good Choices

A short Southern read; bumbling gangsters with a view to shoot, steal and reach the next money making destination end up in a situation they didn’t bargain for.

I would like to see this book in a selection of short stories, preferably written by the Author following the same theme. Good Choices is written in a typical Southern style, rallying in community, family and suspicion. Note that there is not a whiff of religion, which allows this book to legitimately fit in its staged period of 2007, when it could easily have been set in a bygone era. Everyone proudly owns a gun and knows how to use it, but those ‘out of towners’ look down on the local folk (somewhat literally) and do not quite understand the ferocity of the circumstance they have set themselves up for.

Read if you are looking for a lightly tense but humourous insight into dimwitted mob mentality. I personally appreciated the Southern glow, albeit somewhat stereotyped in places (not that I have much firsthand experience of the lower American states whatsoever).

Thank you to C.P. Duhart for pointing me in the direction of your first publication. I intend to read future releases of your charming work.

Good Choices is avaliable to download here.

Peace out xoxo


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