She’s so swishy in her satin and tat

If you’re sitting at your desk moping because you’re back at work, why not take a listen to my playlist #1 over on Spotify. I compiled it with love about two months ago and didn’t bother to share it. No time like the present of course, so go forthwith.

Oh, do not be scared to dance in the work environment, there’s nothing wrong with post bank holiday expression.

Even when I haven’t been on holiday I spend most of my day either speaking to myself, much to the confusion of work colleagues, or singing along to whatever song was initiated by conversation of others. I’m certain it’s very irritating, but no one has thrown anything at me thus far.

Let me know your favourite track from the playlist and I’ll share my insight. This way I don’t have to write a long and boring post about songs no one is planning on listening to otherwise.

Peace out beings xoxo


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