Did you fall from a shooting star?

My favourite songs of all time include ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train. It’s a song that has stuck with me since my teenage years. The version I have downloaded is actually a rip from a radio station where they performed it live – so much to my dismay every paid version is studio recorded so I cannot legally listen to the song with joy. Regardless, it’s the lyrics that matter. Any song that mentioned fried chicken is a winner in my book – not that I eat much fried chicken but I do appreciate the sentiment.

Another song that I will both listen to in silence and belt out is ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers. Again, another teenage love that cannot pass me by. I can’t explain my love for it, but ‘it was only a kiss’ speaks a thousand of words to me.

My teenage years did indeed set out my music ideals, but I happened to listen to a varied array of music in those years. From 60’s Motown to emo, I had it all on my trusty iPod classic. However, I seem to have stopped to listen to current music by the age of 22.

I’m not sure what happened – my assumption is that I started working full time and listening to music was less of an exploration and turned into a necessity – everything I listened to had to be good, or at least something I enjoyed.

I do the usual ‘listen to Glastonbury instead of going’ and Spotify all the current bands – I did find a few last year that I enjoyed – but nothing meets the excitement of listening to The Strokes for the first time.

I will eventually catch up and become current, but I must say I’m enjoying listening to music of a past era more than ever.

Old soul, good taste.

Peace out xoxo


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