More than words

I want to write, but my conundrum tonight is what to write about. Not so much writers block but more writers need to sound more attractive.


Normal: This evening I spent some time in a couple of pubs with some pals.

Convoluted: On the 71st eve I ventured into town to gamble my earnings on several a barmaids pull alongside a menagerie of persons of interest.

Note: In captivity because none of them live in London, and menagerie is such a wonderful word. And mammals are definitely animals.

In terms of which sounds like a night with a story to tell, I’d go with the latter.

Writing a blog with no currently known aim is difficult. It’s easy enough if I rant about my life constantly, but even I find that boring. I’d like to find a topic a sit with it for a while, but my attention span is way too short for such activity and so here I am, padding out a pointless post for no reason.

How to end such a post? Who knows.

Peace out xoxo


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