Have you met Miss Jones?

Today two very old school friends (yes, we’re all ancient now) are getting married. Congratulations!

It’s also today that I was referring to many a blog post ago regarding wearing a dress. I do have one, it is rather pretty and I’m sure it will seek attention. So for the next few hours I will be preparing myself to look more presentable. A tedious task but I’m sure I’ll be ecstatic that I did wash my hair when the photos eventually surface.

As a style choice, I’m aiming for ‘Classy meets Gemma’. Since I’m mixing blue and black (I’ve never had a problem with that 80’s faux pas), it’s definitely an attempt at class, but one that sits in the gutter at 3am singing ‘I am the one and only’.

A thought has crossed my mind whilst typing – I’ve not tried out the danciblility situation of the dress. If I must, I will carry out the traditional wedding dance of ‘Macarena’ to every single Jason Mraz song that is played. I’m more worried that I don’t have a plus one to enforce dancing with me on. Marc was always perfect for that, and since he’s in Australia I might have to get him on FaceTime in the early hours if any Whitney Houston appears on the playlist.

I also pondered that in the event of bringing a plus one, how many people would I have asked before someone said ‘fine’. I don’t have many single male friends, and those who are probably wouldn’t want to dance with me unless hideously drunk. 

This is all sounding a little too Bridget for me, so I’m going to cut my thought process short and focus on how green my hair really looks.

Peace out xoxo


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