Who the fuck is Alice?

Straya, I shall be in you in November. We’ve met in 2007 when I attempted a love affair but you just couldn’t let go of your issues. You’re still an ass, but I’ll forgive you for two weeks.

Sorry, internal dialogues end up as blogs now, this is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head.

Finally visiting the BFF in Melbourne after I guess 5 years of false promises? Long hair don’t care, I’m going now.

So what to do in Melbourne? I guess I should start researching. I doubt any books will list spend time with Marc, so not sure how highly rated that will be. I’ll  live at his apartment for two weeks and ignore him. Until he passes me the bill..

Can’t wait, must be missing him.  Weird, he’s as horrible as I am.

Peace out xoxo


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