Each word was a pain in my heart.

I’m writing this after work drinks, so it may be dangerous – I’m hoping spell check will see me through.

My life is pretty simple – I live with two lovely housemates, I go to work with lovely colleagues and I either go to my lovely home, visit my lovely sister or go out for drinks/dinner with my lovely friends/colleagues afterwards.


It really is. But I can understand when it’s not so lovely somewhere along the way. I didn’t have my best moment at work on Monday, so I dealt it in the only way I could – 70’s disco. However, not every situation can be fixed with camp music (sadly). 

I am a self appointed agony ain’t.. Spelling intended. I listen, but I can’t always help. If you cry, I’m useless (it makes me want to cry and I am using all my might not to) But I will always induce logic to work out a way to assist. I sound like a robot but honestly, it’s not failed me thus far. I think.

I do worry that as a 28 year old woman whether I am mature enough to deal with the advances life throws. I used to think I was, but then I changed career and realised perhaps not.

I doubt it’s anything to do with maturity, more likely experience. Small fish, big pool experience perhaps. Urgh.

I have learned a lot from The Notebook:

You is smart, you is kind, you is important.


You is beautiful, you is funny, you is an inspiration.

You is good, you is great, you is the best you can be.

You is who you want to be. So long as you are happy, no one needs to be involved. 

Ignore the poor grammar. It might hurt but it’s the words of a child.

I’m here. For all of you. 

Loves xoxo


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