It’s the end of the earth on the Northern Line

I’ve been busy listening to more old music recently (and some recent, I promise). This weekend I rediscovered Gwen Stefani much to my enjoyment – lots of memories came rushing back, mostly of Marc, Michael and I singing and dancing to Hollaback Girl at the Narnia house circa 2007.

Since I will be travelling very long haul in November, I am going to compile the ultimate playlist. It will be beyond amazement, and needs to last for at least 24 hours. I also need a device to stay alive for more than 24 hours. Regardless, it must be epic hence starting it now.

In the interim, I’ve created #2 for your listening pleasure. Following on from #1, it’s a throwback to decades past and songs that you may not have heard of. Plus a few of my favourites that you may have. Listen and enjoy.

As Glasto is ever approaching, I am looking forward to watching it all and finding some new favourites whilst camping out in my living room. Last year brought me Wolf Alice and Courtney Barnett (listen to both now, all on Spotify), so hoping to add a few more to my album listening.

One day I will go to Glasto, I’m sure of it.

Peace out xoxo




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