I had a hard time waking this morning, I gotta lotta things on my mind

Title courtesy of Mama Cass.

I’m attempting to type out my blog today on a first generation iPad mini which is now the slowest price of technology I currently own in a working condition. 

I have a confession to make, I’m laptopless. 

It’s been a while (again) since I last blogged. I’m not very good a keeping up a project – I tend to jump in and out of creativity and motivation. Spurring myself on today after coming to the realisation that sitting in front of YouTube watching episodes of my favourite TV programmes (when I was aged 6) is not normal. If you are interested, I watched How 2, Zzzap and Wizardora. 

Though I’m not sure writing a load of bollocks is any better.

I did watch a few documentaries today, and finished a sitcom. I did not accomplish what I initially set out to do which was to plan and design decorations for our upcoming Halloween party. It will be a google image search, copy, paste and print job this year, I’m running out of weekends to create masterpieces. It’s likely we’ll still have last years decorations up for people to appreciate so I’m not overly fussed.

I’m lying, I love fussing over decor. It’s possibly the girliest the thing about me. In other girly news, I purchased a revolution – a hairbrush and straightener in one. One! No longer must I straighten and brush my hair separately. If it washed my hair I’d be weeping with joy. 

I almost had the courage to open up my heart to someone recently, and lost all sense of language skills in the process so was mostly silent for the rest of the day. I feel a fool for not speaking like an adult. Yes and no answers are simply not attractive and so here I am feeling sorry for myself for becoming almost mute.

Overall, you’ve not missed much. I’m still working, still pining and still writing shit.

And on that joyful note, I should go back into hibernation.



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