Don’t rain on my parade

This week has had more bumps than beyonce.
I decided on 31st December that 2017 will be my year. PMA bitches. I’m one for starting projects at the beginning of a year, organising my life one excel spreadsheet at a time. I currently have two. I can’t handle starting anything unless it’s the beginning of something, especially a weight loss regime. That take a whole new year…if not, a decade.

Increasing my positivity was surprisingly easy. Reducing it to a cathode has been even easier. Doesn’t take much to turn me into a negative nelly, for example:

1)  I can’t decide what to watch on Netflix because I want to give everything a chance.

2) I can’t choose which book to read because I decided to try different genres, and nothing appeals to me. Shit Facebook posts are the only things I’ve been reading of late.

3) I’ve never seen so many people resign in such a short space of time.

On that last point, I shan’t dwell. I’m only negative about that for selfish reasons.

Fortunately, I can decide on music to listen to. That doesn’t need any improvement, and best of all, it makes me so happy. Albeit I have been listening to this:

a bit too much. The jazz hands are growing back.

I’ve been contemplating a music blog for a while, nothing too impressive or current. Just me writing about albums I love, and why. No deep analysis (unless the lyrics call for it), but plenty of playlist and albums links for your enjoyment.

I trialled the playlist idea on a few of my posts and I did get a few clicks, so I think perhaps a weekly post on this blog might be achievable and possibly.. (hopefully) interesting. If anything, it will be an insight into my mind.

Scary, huh?

Well, that’s that for now.

You can all fuck off now xoxo


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