I gotta get through this

Daniel Bedingfield did not sponsor this post. I wonder if he was nicknamed “sofainfrontgarden” or “abandonedbathtubincouncilestate” as a child…

It’s been beyond busy at work for the past few weeks. So busy that by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is blog. Today is not an exception, but whilst sitting on a delayed train from Waterloo I thought, why the fuck not.

It’s almost my birthday. The lingering thought of “you’re almost 30, sucker!” has been playing on my mind. Have I accomplished everything I wanted to do in my 20’s? I think so, but I’m too tired to think. I still have a year before I enter a new age bracket, so plenty of time to muse.

Maybe check in this time next year to evaluate my mental state.

I’m finding it hard to focus at the moment. There’s way too much going on – I wrote (pen and paper) a list today of everything I need to do by the end of tomorrow. I had to take a break due to hand cramp. My plan was to use Friday to methodically work through my list, until a call at 3:30pm was recieved. I’m now planning to spend all day working on an urgent client request.

And this is why being proactive never works for me. I now know on Monday I have a huge list of things to do, which has ruined my weekend before it’s started.

And all of this is me being positive. Seriously.

I have chosen an album to review for my next post, so the mood is to improve with camp goodwill.

If you’ve now read this and are bored, I can only apologise. This is an example of rants my colleagues, family and friends hear in person, so if anything, consider yourself special.

Loves xoxo


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