Music makes the people come together

It’s a long weekend, and despite having access to more social media outlets I could possibly need, I’m craving something new. Not that I can successfully rule as queen on any of them, I’m mostly terrible at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, Youtube and this lovely blog, so I’m taking swift action by playing around with Hootsuite again.

I only tend to use Hootsuite for my annual Eurovision Song Contest piss take on Twitter, as to keep an eye on replies (if I’m remotely popular). I’m now investigating the scheduling option, so by Tuesday (when I’ve run out of things to say), this blog post will be outdated and I won’t remember my Twitter password.

If there’s anything I’d like my 90’s album quest to be, I choose: effortless. I don’t intend this to become a burden, but I do want to have fun with it as I go along. I’d quite like some sort of online interaction, as otherwise I really will bore my co-workers to death – but I’m not overly sure how to start the conversation. In my head:

“Hey! Do you remember 90’s music? No? And you don’t want to remember it? Ok. Thanks!”

Of course, no one really cares so I shouldn’t over think this. I’ll continue to plod along and attempt witticism at every opportunity.

Or not. Generating puzzled looks on faces is a specialty of mine.

My next album should be “Barry Manilow – Live on Broadway”. Sadly, it was not available to listen to on Spotify.

Instead, I am to listen to what Wikipedia describes as an American radical activist recording and performing group”. I’m very excited.

Twitter: @berrycakeness (If you fancy having a chat).

Peace out xoxo


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