Let’s face the music, and dance.

I’ve been super busy doing fuck all. Nothing to report, so let’s go straight to the music. No dance though.

It’s the back end of April 1990, you’re standing in the middle of Our Price on a Friday afternoon buying your record for the week. You look around – whilst wearing parachute pants – and decide to buy MC Hammers Third album, “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Them”. What you missed in your 5 minutes of wandering around the store was a little known indie album “Goodbye Jumbo” by World Party.

If you’ve not heard of it, give it a try. A link, if you please: Goodbye Jumbo

I’m at July ’90 now, and haven’t heard many unforgettable songs that would be missing from a “throwback” DJ set. A few more favourite albums I’ve listened to are:

Fear of a Black Planet – Public Enemy

People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm – A Tribe Called Quest

AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted – IceCube

Katydids – Katydids

An album that was throughly bizarre was “I’m Breathless” – Madonna. I can’t explain it, but think of music that ‘probably wasn’t played in America during the prohibition but sounds like it could have been’ and then chuck Vogue at the end. Weird.  Soundtrack, yes. Good? No. Vogue of course made it a chart hit and I wonder if anyone who bought the album ever listened to it all the way through.

Maybe I’ll try to do something other than listen to music and write about it poorly for the next post. I probably won’t. I don’t even care. I’m so into this fucking quest it’s engulfing my personality.

I’m a bad liar, I’ve always been a 90’s music twat.

Peace out xoxo







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