Song as old as rhyme

Taking a break from d’art, so instead of indulging in TV, I thought I’d write to y’all.

I have taken the first step in creating a wall decoration for Halloween. The theme is (Spoiler alert) Disney. Now when a normal person thinks of Halloween party themes for adults, I doubt Disney is at the forefront of their thoughts HOWEVER, cinematic beauties such as Hocus Pocus were born from Disney dollars. I embarrassed myself today in the Art Shop by singing BOOOOOOOOOK to the shop assistant. A day in the life of Miranda Berry.

So, the idea is to make the flat as dark as Disney goes. My favourite scary(ish) scene is from Sleeping Beauty, and of course because I’m 5 for effort, 3 for attainment (ADT kids, remember that?), I’ve dug out the paint brushes, bought some paint and ink, and have started throwing some colours around to create said wall decoration. I say throwing because it’s a very accurate description of my painting technique.

Some things I have been reminded of today:

– I can’t paint as well as I think I can

– I’m not so bad at mixing colours

– I can’t stand up for longer than an hour without needing a 20 minute sit down

There’s a huge amount of work yet to be completed. I’m about half-way through, minus a castle. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to paint in such detail, so I think there will be a bit of tree covering most of it. Or no castle at all, no one will fucking care.

Except I will of course, and I’ll spend most of the party complaining about how shit it looks without a castle.

That is if I actually use it. A HUGE problem I have is confidence with anything I create – I’ve thrown a lot of projects away because I simply hate what I have done, and assume that everyone is a big fat liar when they say they like it. This one has taken a bit more effort and money to create, so I’m attempting channelling positivity. Plus, purple and blue are my favourite colours to work with.

Oh shut the fuck up Gemma.

Anyway, there’s not much more I am going to paint so I’ll get over it. I’m toying with a beauty and the beast something or other that I won’t expose just yet – need to have something for guests to be surprised by.

I should get back to being a arty twat, so excuse me whilst I cover myself in more ink (which doesn’t seem to want to wash off my skin with conventional methods). Any suggestions for ensuring my hands do not look like they are rotting by Monday morning are most welcome.

LOVES xoxo


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