You’ve got the love I need to see me through

I promised an update – today I found one of my missing earrings, so I again have a pair! Dinosaur earring still missing, assumed extinct.

Today I met Alistair, a baby no more than 3 months old. Champion dribbler and happiest when fed, the child is delight to be with. Since I share both characteristics, we got on very well. He enjoyed dancing on my lap (not lap dancing, I can assure you) and wandering around at the height of 5ft11. We’re now friends for life. If he had thrown up on me we would have had a deeper connection, but I can wait.

I’ve been speed drinking prosecco for Mitzi’s birthday, so I’m more tipsy than I should be for a Sunday afternoon. Maybe even drunk. I’m ready for bed, but trying to sober up with a coffee as it’s not yet bedtime. You can blame Mitz for this blog.

Taking time out with the girls today has made me realise that I really need to spend more time with friends. Depressed may not be the right word (it is, I’m in denial) but I am deeply fed up with my current situation and am desperate for a change. Even if it’s just a bit of happiness in my day to day, I’ll be content. However, constant stress with fake smiles from day to day takes a toll on my wellbeing.

So Monday, I will go into work with my usual attempt at PMA and write out my handover notes for the next 4 days. I will take 4 days out of the office away from emails etc, and I will return the following Monday with an enhanced PMA. How will I achieve this? I will continue to work away but I will say “no” even more than I currently do and I will focus on what makes me happy. I will leave on time and take proper lunch breaks. I will not almost cry on the train into work and most definitely will not cry at work.

I might write more, so stay tuned for more crap you’re not interested in.

Loves xoxo


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