It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…


Day 1 of 6, I woke naturally at 9am. Super early for an alarmless (leave her she alarmless, ha) berry.

Agenda for today is to find my hairbrush. I’m 4 days into using my fingers to comb through my hair, and it’s becoming tiresome. So throwing my bedroom oops up side your head today in order to find it.

I also have some Pokemon Sun gaming to catch up with. Gotta train my poke to be the very best, like no one ever was. I disappointed my brother hugely when he came over to trade and my highest level was a level 8 owlet. YES, WE STILL DO THAT AND NO I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. For me, putting in the hours to trade pokepoke is a very ideal way to relax.

I have a ton of lush products to use, so I’m pretty sure I will have a bath or 6. The washing machine broke this weekend, so it’s a good idea that I keep unusually clean. We have an engineer visiting either today or tomorrow or in 10 years time to say “yeah, it’s fucked” and then order a new one which takes a month to never to arrive. When reporting the issue, I provided a very detailed analysis in a step by fucking step format, ending with a middle class “Have now switched off the machine, so it is unusable”. When they called, I asked them if the information I provided was adequate – The dude laughed at me and confirmed it was more than enough. So I followed with a cheeky “Have you ordered a new one, or can you fix it”, knowing fully well how much engineers hate that question. He stopped laughing.

I may even watch series 2 and 3 of Narcos this week. It takes some concentration though, and I quite like to just listen to tv whilst playing on my phone instead of reading subtitles. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this will be to learn Spanish, starting with the rude words and followed swiftly by the gang words. Perra! Como esta, cholo.

Doing the Narcos (thanks Marc) dance now. If you don’t know it, ask me in person and I’ll perform. I am but a circus clown. Send in the face wipes.

Now to put away the clothes my mother so lovingly washed and dried, and to stop using them as a foot rest.

Expect a few more of these this week. Hopefully I don’t drown y’all out.

Loves xoxo


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