Kiss the rain

I have face mask mud on my lovely new keyboard.

Back to work so this week the Spotify Discover playlist is keeping me sane. I now have a back catalogue of 6 weeks archived discover weekly songs thanks to a helpful recipe on IFTTT. If you’ve not used it before, it’s a handy tool to be casually geeky for. Want your Philips hue lightbulb to change colour based on the album you’re playing? Try it out, it’s free and fun. Note, you may need to buy lots of expensive tech to truly enjoy the app.

Why have I archived them? Spotify has found some very decent tunes in the past that I completely forget about, so I’d like to start building an “Awesome songs Spotify found for me” playlist. Must give them credit for it.

On Saturday I went to a party hosted by the Tal and Caz, mainly because there was free booze up for grabs. There was much more. Carrots that looked like fingers, marshmallows (not suitable for vegetarians), crispy pita bread from the gods AND some fabulously middle-class onion humous. Also, some good conversation was had, mostly rubbish conversation though. Still, it was a pleasant night with some of my favourites. And I spoke to new people without too much of a problem (I’m not sure if they play badminton, but if they don’t I’m assuming that’s why it was so easy). I’m patting myself on the back.

Sunday, therefore, was a hungover day watching Netflix (Bojack Horseman S4), eating a four cheese pizza (which I added more cheese to) and a Dr Pepper. One of the finest non-alcoholic recovery beverages, only beaten by orange Oasis. I don’t remember much other than 6 hours of TV. I woke up pretty late, so I think that’s possibly all I did.

As I previously mentioned, I’m back to work. I’m attempting a smile as I write that line, but it’s kinda challenging to do so on the train in public. It’s not uncommon that I’m the weirdo laughing/smiling/spluttering on the train in the corner wearing all black, ‘The Happy Goth’ who isn’t really a goth, but people assume due to the dark clothing. The smile may also be sarcasm, it’s too late to tell. I’m beyond exhausted and day 2 hasn’t yet started, so it’s going well. The PSL is back, so that should fix me. Yes, I drink coffee from Starbucks. Less so these days (I used to be in Starbucks every day in my early 20’s after I had given up with Uni) but when it’s Pumpkin season, there’s no stopping me from paying over £3 for a medium-sized, orange, syrup laden coffee. OM.

Getting myself prepared for Jackie’s 30th Birthday weekend extravaganza. I have glow sticks, but haven’t any neon face paint yet, so not finished. I may also not have an outfit for the Saturday night out, but that’s less important. Excited to spend time with a good few buddies in Brighton. However, I may run away from them all and spend four days at the pebbled beach to be by the sea. Round 3 of my personal therapy!

Loves xoxo


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