Deeply Dippy

I had intended on live-tweeting Jackie’s 30th Birthday weekend in Brighton, but I managed three tweets. I also managed to take 3 photos of humans, two of which are selfies. That is an indicator of 1) how pants I am with social media and 2) I had so much fun I didn’t look at my phone very much at all. So here is a terrible rundown of events:

Brighton was everything. Three sleepovers (snoring was not optional, sorry guys), 5 loaves of bread (no more than half a loaf was consumed), the reason Tina Turner dances that way and SO MUCH SINGING. It was too good to be true. My voice is dead.

On Friday, I dressed up as an 80’s Bananarama ft. Run DMC fan, using clothes and accessories that I already own. Yeah. We had boys Vs. girls Beer Pong event and of course, the girls won 2-0. I brought face to the game, failing to win a cup in the first round, but successful at my attempt to throw the competition. I made up for it in round 2 with the winning shot. Ajeet and I went out when everyone had gone to bed to have one more drink and a late-night dinner by the beach. Dinner was shit, the company was awesome.

Saturday was brunch, a 4hr treasure hunt, and a big night out. Brunch was very boozy, but much needed. Pretty certain our team won the treasure hunt, but I won’t dwell on that. In going “out-out” preparation, Jackie threw sentences at me, and I sang them in my most bluesy voice. That was a highlight. I may have danced like a loon and didn’t get into bed until 4. Obviously, the Birthday girl was home at 6…datty girl. My continued snoring was mentioned on Saturday, much to my dismay.

The dirty stop out turned 30 on Sunday, surprising us all at breakfast with a grey-haired wig and a walking stick, hobbling into the room. Others thought the back hump was fake, but I can assure you, it isn’t. In SW London we call her “Camel Jacks”. We went for a roast, and slowly but surely the guests started to return to London. A few of us stayed behind to have a walk around, visit KFC for a Birthday chicken taster, and await the arrival of Jackie’s family. Much like herself, they turned up later than expected with lots of food. I snored so badly, Ajeet left the room.

We tided, cleaned and threw away so much bread. Kicking out time was 10:30, so off we went for some mid-morning gambling. As you do. About an hour later, we were ready to escape back to London. The trains were not so thoughtful and decided to be somewhat delayed. Jackie’s mum plied me with liquorice sweets, and I hugged them goodbye in Clapham Junction station.

So there’s a lot of hilarious detail missing in those small, pathetic paragraphs. There’s also a bit of scandal, but it’s not something I wish to publish on my blog. Still, we had a fantastic long weekend away to celebrate my favourite Jackie of all time. Yes, she even outranks Jackie O. Thank you to all who turned up, it was the best bout of fun I’ve experienced in way too long. Exactly what I needed.

FYI, my Blog title – It was on my discover playlist and was a thoroughly entertaining throwback to my (young) Right Said Fred appreciating days. Listen and enjoy!

Loves xoxo


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