Stop livin’ in regret, baby, it’s not over yet.

Schoolin’ life there for the title. One of my favourite Beyoncé songs. Listen and enjoy!

I’m revisiting my Halloween playlist from last year and changing it up. As the theme is Disney, I need the correct number of Disney songs dispersed throughout the night; therefore I am going to have to come up with an order for said playlist. No randomising here (every day I’m shuffling).

The correct number would be all my favourites. I’ve not been mathematical with my decision, just…”OH MY GOD, TUNE – *SINGS A WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR A WHOLE DAMN WEEK*”.

So I’ve come to the realisation that our (siblings and I) Disney upbringing (pirated videos mostly) didn’t make princes and princesses out of us. I could find myself writing an edit to this blog post, as my I’m pretty confident Lewis thinks he is a Disney Prince. I think he most closely resembles Flynn in Tangled…

Going through our favourites, I would say my significant influences would be the villains. I personally preferred the films where there were a hero and a villain, rather than a princess etc. I will admit however I adore Sleeping Beauty (but that’s because the music is fantastic, and the artwork is beyond excellent. Storyline is a bit rapey).

Although, I also loved Cinderella (Rodent slaves) and The Little Mermaid (Jamaican me crabby).

I mostly love music from all Disney films. Anything but Frozen though. Indina Menzel is fantastic, but I feel like a 2-year-old when listening to any of the songs.

I need either an emotive connection to the film (only seen it once) or soul:

Who put the glad in Gladiator? HERCULES.

Hopefully, you’re singing along now. It has soul, hilarious lyrics and most importantly, I don’t feel like a 2-year-old when I sing along.

Moving along, I’ve recently listened to a playlist that Spotify provided me earlier this year – Most listened to songs of 2016. It has a more succinct title, but I can’t be bothered to look at it. Anyway, what I can tell from my listening patterns is that Soul was massive in my life, and it continues to be the same. Ella, Etta, Aretha, Stevie, the list goes on. Mind-blowing beauty in lyrics, music and SOUL. Seriously. This is why I don’t listen to the charts. Although I do love Gregory Porter & Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. Still, that’s a musical blip in the ‘10’s.

It also has most of the songs from the musical Hairspray on it, and Victoria Wood stand-up. Standard.

Where am I heading with this blog…

I think it’s time to go back on the Quest to find the best songs of the ’90s. I need to pick up from November ‘90. I’ll do it until Christmas comes because Christmas means non-stop jingle, cheese and babybells.

I’ll check the line-up and will report back. It’s going to be terrible albums on the lead up to Christmas ‘90. Cliff Richard won that year *weeps*

Loves xoxo


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