I could be so good for you

Title sponsored by Dennis Waterman, he owes me a Freddo for the pleasure.

Let us catch up on my latest news; it doesn’t include Dennis Waterman.

‘Twas a long October. I wasn’t overly social as I had a lot on my mind – mainly Halloween. But a night out with Jo watching a Carole King tribute band play Tapestry was immense fun and probably one of my 2017 highlights. I don’t often gig anymore – unless there are seats. And no, it’s not because I’m old! 29 is extremely young. Unless I’m speaking to someone younger than me. Screw you youngers!

Halloween, I dressed up as Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus to co-host a Disney themed party with the dearest flatmate. A good crowd turned up and we partied until stupid o’clock. So much booze, it’s taking up most of the kitchen space we have. My creations went down well and I have decided that all I really need to do for a party is provide lighting. That seems to be special enough! Besides enough vodka to kill a Russian, I have also inherited a cross dressing inflatable shark. It’s the large, air filled things that make me happy in life. The next paragraph is further proof of this. The many weekends of preparation paid off, and our little apartment looked great. Thanks to some much needed assistance, it all went up and down smoothly. Of course in true Gemma style, I didn’t get to take photos of the room. I have a few of some of the art, but not much else. Also, most of it was stolen from the internet so I didn’t want to get lynched. My friends and family however took plenty of photos:

A weekend away in Milton Keynes sounds like a roundabout nightmare, but actually…a 16th (ish) century mansion house with a bunch of your friends for someone’s 40th (I don’t know who, I gatecrashed and bribed a group of people to spend time with me) is rather blissful. Caz did a wonderful job of organising all of the elements to piece us together perfectly. Tal did not have a tantrum, or refuse to eat his toast. There was a bouncy castle room, with a bouncy castle in it. Due to being a memory gatherer (and forgetter) rather than a photographer, I missed the opportunity to provide proof to you all…But it was a full size, three room bouncy castle INDOORS. There was also a drum set, upright (out of tune) piano and sofas that I could lie on fully, in absolute comfort.

And I guess the company was alright. There was this unusually tall one who kept telling everyone he was 39. Not sure who he was but I was threatened by his dancing demeanour after a few pints.

It’s impressive how much food 18 adults and 6 children can put away, but equally how easy it is to over order bananas. The evil fruit was taking over the kitchen, and I’m unable to imagine a life that is banana free. I might bottle some bees (bottle = attacking with said vessel, and not creating a makeshift home) to reduce the world’s banana crop.

Must move on now, I have another blog to write and this one has been sitting in a draft status for a few weeks.



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