I want it that way

Backstreet boys on my late bus trip home. It’s currently 1am so I should be home by dawn.

Tonight we said goodbye to Kevin, with Irish charm. Many pints followed by karaoke is the perfect date for me, but equally a great work night out. Especially when the karaoke is a surprise! I was very excited and sang a lot of tunes. When I say ‘tunes’, I mean it. A bit of Alanis appeared, much to the dismay to the elephant in the room. The aforementioned elephant is a 23 year old, who probably thinks an iPod mini is a skirt you can buy your iPhone X.

I’m saddened by his upbringing. Evidently he never had women in his life who worshipped Jagged little pill. Or men (they exist too you know). I may have been 7 when it was released, but as a teen it was my most listened to album that I downloaded illegally and ripped onto CD.

Ok, it wasn’t on cassette but it was after my cassette years.

I felt a little older tonight. And I’m not that much older. I’m evidently blessed with siblings (the same age group) who know ALL MUSIC.

I get it, I’ve spent my 20’s telling everyone they’re older than me and now it’s my turn to feel the pain. It hurts! I can only apologise for my past comments. But not really, because as young as I pretend to be, I’m very much an old soul.

He did enjoy Drops of Jupiter (Train) because of the lyric “deep fried chicken”. I didn’t want to admit that lyric is why I love the song, mainly because I thought that perhaps he might be trying to be a bit hipster.

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Loves xoxo


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