I know you are there, smiling back at me

Christmas. It’s getting closer and I have purchased around 1/3 of presents for family and friends. I even threw in a few presents for myself, namely:

– Colourful LED lights, because I’m going to go a bit tacky this Christmas (in the kitchen) towards my nirvana of Nigella.

– Shiny converse, Because I want to be shiny, and converse were the only shoes cheap enough to be shiny for just the Christmas period.

Note: I wanted glittery trainers and had an internal strop when I couldn’t find any. I’m apparently a 7 year old child.

As I shall be baking for a quarter of December, I should really co-ordinate my baking plans with my social events. Otherwise I may be in the middle of a batch of gingerbread non-descript shapes and have to dash out through the slush to down a pint somewhere I didn’t dress for. Though if I’m downing pints, flour covered pyjamas would most likely be acceptable.

Learning the hard way sounds like a lot of fun.

This weekend I am attending a boozy birthday brunch (Ale) and a Thanksgiving/housewarming/get here and drink party (Kelly and Michelle). I fear for my liver. Sunday I shall visit my lovely sister and enjoy a lazy day with magazines (yes they still exist) and coffee. Maybe a small wander around TK Maxx, as is tradition. Perhaps a quick visit to *insert shop name here* because I haven’t finished shopping yet, and it’s stressing me out.

Oh, and in less exciting news….That fake Aussie expletive (I can’t say that word on my blog whilst sober) is back for Christmas this year. Looking forward to spending time with Marc, but only if it’s in silence. His physical presence is enough to top me up for another year or so. Then he can fuck off back to Melbourne/wherever is next and we will continue to ignore each other until the next visit. Our friendship is strong, honestly. It’s mostly full of bitching about people we can’t stand, and coming up with imaginative insults to give each other…once every three months.

I’ll be back with updates to today’s antics xoxo


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