When my soul was in the lost and found

You came along, to claim it.

A bit of Carole King genius there.

Let’s catch up from where I left off. I received my shiny new converse and I happen to be wearing them as I type. I feel very festive wearing them, and as the colourful lights are battery powered, I am very tempted to wrap them around me and hope it doesn’t rain.

Last weekend was throughly enjoyable, but apparently too much fun (you know, leaving the house for 12 hours and not working) takes its toll on my immune system. Anyway, a great time was had. Prosecco brunches are, as always, full of booze. We noticed that Bungatini now has removed the option of 2 courses. I assume because it’s christmas time and they’re maximising profits BUT…I can also imagine that they want people who leave a unlimited 2 hr prosecco drinking session to be more full than some toast and fruit. There were some very drunk people hanging around outside Bunga Bunga at 3pm…

Thanksgiving was awesome, despite only being there for a few hours. The level of alcohol in my system was at the perfect amount for eating all the food and talking to everyone even if I had never met them before. So, for future reference – 1.5 bottles of prosecco and a pint of ale = social anxiety free. It also means I stay for about 2 hours and leave, which is unfortunate.

This week I attended the theatre for likely the last time in 2017 (unless anyone would like to go to the Panto?) – this was for my brothers birthday (early but I can only imagine Les Mis in December is rather expensive). It was incredible, and there’s not much more I can say to add to that description. I only wanted to see it because earlier this year, “One day more” was on a playlist and I was engulfed. Still not a fan of “I dream a dream” because I only ever hear it in a Scottish accent.

Friday was Decant and Rant with Holly, Jo and Tal (alphabetical order people, no favouritism here). More decanting than ranting, which is a good balance, but sad that Bods wasn’t there to discuss the problematic project of Crossrail etc etc. Our first of many events I hope, I tried some Japanese liquor (yuzu flavoured) and posh unbranded baileys, owned by Holly. Both very good. We played exploding kittens and I hopelessly dropped out early on in both rounds. I’m a risk taker. I shuffle when shuffling is dangerous. It’s a good game, anyone wondering whether they should buy it should definitely do so. Quick to play and the cards are hilariously illustrated. Note: We were also given the gift of paper cranes, mine decorating a costume award from 2 years ago that still has not been delivered to it’s rightful owner.

Also in the photo, multiple candles I’ve been hoarding, the worst radiator ever, towel of green, Kelly’s TV that I bought, the top of a storage unit full of more hoard (art supplies and electronics mostly), a mug and some of the lovely wall at 12 Bassett House. Hidden in the shadows – Your nightmares.

And so today I am attending the Tooting Etsy event with Annie, and I intend to buy myself lots of presents. And maybe some Christmas presents for folks. Most likely presents for me.

I’ve been very good this year.

Loves xoxo


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