We’re the kids of America

Happy new year everyone! A little late since I managed to accidently discard my original “back to bidness” (business if you’re not so Beyonce) blog post.

I had written a round up of the year past, and a bit on resolutions. Now, fuck that shit, I can’t remember what I wrote and it will never pass my quality control. So instead, I am focussing on a bucket list post. It’s spurred on by a facebook status I saw by Mike, and reminded me that I do have one, one that I wrote when I was in my teens. I think it was around the time that the Bucket List movie was released (I’ve never seen it).

As I am currently on a flight, I do not have the list to hand, but I do remember a few musts:

– Road-trip across America (it will happen, I promise) in VW camper van (well, maybe not the VW)*

– Learn to drive (ha!)

– Meet Jennifer Saunders (So far, I’ve met her husband)

* I was absolutely obsessed with VW camper vans as a teenager. It was the only thing I wanted to drive. Now it’s slightly different classic, the Ford Mustang 1964 1/2, in Rangoon red.

An insight to my teen mind, when flash videos and games were the hype. Vlogging did not exist. Spotify was a distant dream.

So the past few weeks, what have I been up to?

New Years was fun, we ate Mexican food (Ajeet catered), played board games, watched fireworks….Oh yeah, and drank a shit ton of cocktails that were a fabulous mix of “ooh I wonder what this will taste like” and “oh no, I can’t feel my face”.

Since NYE, I’ve met up with a few of y’all, slowly destroying my liver. Met Marc and Paul last week for dinner, and saw them again for the last time (hopefully not too long) the other night. It was a magical moment when Paul proposed to Marc, hilariously laid back. It was the first proposal I’ve witnessed and I almost cried. If Paul had gone done on one knee (he’s mostly used to two), I would have balled my eyes out. Thankfully, he couldn’t be arsed to move. Happy engagement guys! I honestly cannot wait for your wedding.

Because I’m off to America on a work trip on Saturday (which is today, I am writing this on the flight), I have forfeited a theatre outing and seeing Marc any further. However, the trade off is Kelly, so it’s not too bad. Our office is based in her home town, and it just so happens she is going be around – on a small break from traveling the world. We’ve not received any sort of agenda, so I’m waiting to find out when I have down time…who knows….

Met with Mitz, Nolwenn & Ale for Japanese BBQ which was fab. I recommend Kintan on Holborn for some very tasty meat; the beef was divine. Small cuts of raw meat (chicken, pork and beef was on our plates) that you cook yourselves on a grill in the middle of the table. Standard Japanese style, very good marinades on the meat and I was rolling home with glee. We finished off with s’mores – with real graham crackers, Hersey’s chocolate and a fat marshmallow. I was super happy to realise I’ve successfully eaten a proper s’more – previous attempts have not included the correct ingredients (for the full effect, I require the traditional ingredients).

Graham crackers are rubbish by the way, a digestive biscuit works much better. I like Hershey’s chocolate so I didn’t mind that but I suppose a Lindt square will always win over Hersheys. Marshmallows however should never be switched out. Ah Australia ’07, my first s’more was a spoilt one. Colleen from Chicago made them for us beginners, and they were very good.

That’s enough for now. Loves xoxo


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