I can be what I want to be.

Ok, so I’ve been away from here for a while. I go through little swathes of “I can’t be arsed” because sometimes I don’t know what to write about, and I really cannot be bothered to make something sound better than it is.

However, recently I have been hoarding some blog ideas and have enough to last me a little while. This one is about the last few days and today, rather than the last few months. That will come once I have all my resources together. Yes, photos. Looking at you flatmate…

The weather has changed my mood considerably, which is probably why I’m feeling creative. Here I am sitting on our balcony with a mug of coffee and a light breeze (note, light breeze sounds like a ’80’s brand of hair dye). The sun is boiling my skin (yes, I have less clothes on that usual, apparently that is a normal thing to do when the weather is hotter than average), and I am lounged across two camping chairs typing this very blog. I am listening to Gabrielle – Rise, as she has a song called Sunshine (lyric in the title), and I used to listen to this album with my Auntie Amanda when we went on car journeys in the summer. The view could be better, but who doesn’t love a mop?

So a changed person it would seem, until the weekend ends at least. I haven’t experienced the sun much this week as I’ve been so busy at work. Although, if I had gone outside, I probably would have regretted my clothing choice. Even in this weather I carry a hoodie (Air con is both my enemy and my friend).

I changed jobs at the beginning of the month, I have shifted departments and now report as a Consultant. Sounds evil, but really it isn’t. It’s super busy at the moment which is quite good, as I now need to submit timesheets and there isn’t an option for “twiddling thumbs”.

Some more news for you – The flatmate and I have decided that our current flat is too small, and spent a short period of time this month hunting for a new one. We searched high and low, and did not find a suitable replacement. Then, we noticed that next door was up for let and so we shall be moving from flat 12 to flat 13 (ultimate Halloween house) on 31st May! We will have a giant balcony, bigger bedrooms but no sofa for at least the first month. If you can recommend an L shaped sofa bed that is cheap but comfortable, holla.

In other exciting news, the lovely Mandy – a prolific reader of my blog – levelled up last week and has joined the 30’s club. I wish her all the birthday love, and look forward to catching up soon for a afternoon soirée of tea and cakes. Miaow.

Oh, and lastly, I am picking up languages again. Giving French another chance. Should have spent more time listening and less time watching Kathryn draw.

That’s quite unfair, I will explain further – we were separated by tutor forms for our language lessons, and our form hated French, or maybe it was anything that resembled culture. Therefore, the poor teachers struggled to get the attention for most of the class, and therefore sometimes the more productive thing to do was to create cartoons with Kathryn. After a quick spell of having a great teacher, we were thrown back to the lions and I scraped by with a C. So aiming to be able to speak the damn language this time.

Time for a shower, I shall be back over the next few weeks with a blog or two.

Peace out xxx


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