Every now and then I fall apart

It’s the blog post you’ve been waiting for…

So there are a couple of reasons why it’s taken me so long to blog about my birthday:

1) My Birthday celebrations were overextended (I still have two more outings planned). I wanted to encapsulate all events into one post.

2) Work has been relentless, and the last thing I’ve had motivation for is to write.

Anyway, ignoring the fact I have a chocolate workshop and a cocktail night to look forward to, I shall start at the best place – the start.

“I turned 30.”

I had a nightmare the night before and slept awfully on my birthday too. Either I was severely affected by the ageing process, or I overthink. I expect the latter, now off to frantically Web M.D the first.

Nothing much else has changed. I’m definitely, however, less likely to be the youngest person in the room. Bouncers will stop asking for ID, and I’ll start drinking tonic water. Slimline obvs. As I have a fair few (older) friends who have long passed through to their 40’s or have recently levelled up, I think everything’s gunna be alright. (Name that tune, not too hard..).

I have developed an awareness of younger people more so than ever. I know for sure I’m that twat who reminds people of our age difference, but since I’ve realised recently that they teach GOOGLE DOCS in schools and not trusty ol’ Microsoft office, I now understand the generation gap. Now off to frantically join the Google learning centre. Oh my, ‘the’ and ‘google’ should never sit side by side in a sentence. Ever.

My first event was a great kick-off to the new decade. Annie treated me to a wonderful set of presents – I received my sparkly new iPad case after a day of shopping and a wonderful 9-course dinner with champagne. Yes, 9 courses. Mitz and Nolwenn joined us, and we stuffed ourselves with the finest of yum. We didn’t take photos, we were too sociable for that. Of course, that means I don’t have anything to share from the experience other than the memory of fine dining and wanting every dinner to taste amazing forevermore. The venue was Eight Club Moorgate, a private club that has opened up it’s doors to us ordinary folk. I recommend it highly, but definitely midweek. We had the best table in the house and were served by very attentive staff. The company was perfect, and I will remember the night for a long time to come. Thank you, ladies, for a fabulous evening.

A very berry cocktail. Or two.

Next? Hmm. What was next…*checks diary, facebook and WhatsApp*

I think it was my actual birthday, which I always try to spend with my parents as y’know, they gave me life and apparently I owe them some of my precious time every now and then. The valuable time I must add that I could spend watching shit on Netflix. Ah, I’m joking, I’d be asleep instead.

Just before that, though, I went to work. I try to go to work on my birthday as otherwise, I’d just sit alone doing not much all day. Stevie gave me a traditional Edinburgh breakfast of a bottle of Irn Bru and a chocolate croissant (She’s a posh scot really), and around halfway through the day I was presented with a card and a balloon. Eventually, my real present was given to me a few days after the day, which was a beer tour! I’ve yet to cash in my vouchers so one of you lucky people will get to come with me. Unless I can go twice…ha.

My birthday dinner was our traditional family pasta that my dear mother makes so well. It’s a variety of vegetables in tomato sauce with the all-important ingredient of bacon. And a side of garlic bread. Home comfort is what I needed the most, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time. Got some cash from the folks (make it raaaain), a switch game from Tom, Annie had already given me my presents and nothing from Lewis. A promise of a gift was given, and I waited patiently (more to come).

My birthday weekend was prebooked many months prior, not particularly for my birthday but I’m counting it. C2C festival!


Yes, I’m a little bit country. Ok, maybe a bit more than a little. Leaky, Lewis (still without a present, attempted to make me want a cowboy hat) and I started the weekend with a bit of booze, and a lot of music. My first festival of the year (the second was a beer festival), we swayed, bopped and did a bit of a jig in our seats to a few of our favourites and some new favourites. That list includes Old Dominion, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Luke Combs, Little Big Town, Lindsay Ell and Lukas Nelson, who happens to be in a rock band but also happens to be Willie Nelson’s son. Leaky almost died of boredom listening to Emmylou Harris and disappeared to (I assume) cry halfway through.

So that’s the first week of March out of the way, and this post is beginning to become a novel. Still, I shall prevail and continue to make you wait for my birthday party verbiage.

Di, Stevie and I went out midweek, and I made Di drink a glass of limes.

The party. See, I didn’t make you wait too long.

I didn’t spend too much time with party prep this time, but as tradition dictates I took a day off to bake and to get some posters printed, but mostly enjoyed my day off drinking buckets of coffee. The theme was fancy dress because I’m annoying like that. The fancy dress theme was musicians, which confused a few people. Apparently, musicians write their own music, and so I was limiting the choice to people who were dead or too current. Regardless, I stormed ahead.

There’s not much to write about, so I will leave the pictures to tell their own story. However, it was a fantastic party, and I was so glad to have lots of different friends from various walks of life attend.

Alright, I had about 6 different costumes, but it was my birthday (month), and I could do what I wanted to do. (Name that tune, adapted to past tense). The intention was to start as Bowie and morph into Cher. Once, Cher, I was to change my wigs periodically throughout the night. However, I rushed it and did it throughout the song “Believe” too much comic relief. There are a couple of videos, and as much as I would love to post them, I can’t do that to myself. If you’re particularly intrigued and happen to be a friend, get me drunk, and I’ll show you from a distance of at least 5 paces.

Leaky and I took the next day slowly recovering by mostly stuffing our faces.

At some point, we had work drinks to celebrate my birth. We ran up a healthy bar tab and got suitably tipsy. I chose the Draft House – Chancery Lane as it’s very close to the office and they have one of my favourite ales on tap. For the life of me, I cannot remember its name, but I know that it is Australian, and is somewhat citrus tasting. Diana attacked Matt, and he left soon afterwards. I walked Di to Charing Cross as she cannot be trusted to walk alone anymore (I’ve made it a regular excuse to walk more steps of an evening – not that she’s drunk every time..) and got home later than I really should on a Thursday evening.

That weekend was pure indulgence. Annie, Mitz, Nolwenn and I spent a weekend in a Spa in the cute town of Stratford upon Avon. Not only was it exactly what I needed, but it left me wanting even more. I need the extravagance of being pampered daily, but girl got bills to pay. Another fantastic weekend was enjoyed by all, again, thank you, ladies!

Timeline wise, we’re now near to the end of March. Let us skip forward a little bit to April where I spent an evening in POTIONS CLASS.

But just before that, on Annies Birthday (8th April) Lewis gave me my present! Some great Rick and Marty merch.

Back to POTIONS CLASS. Yes, Mitz and I were given robes and a wand, and a shit ton of mysterious liquids to make the magic happen. The cynics of you may believe it was pure chemistry, but that’s what they want you to think. #fakenews

Cocktails were created and consumed in a small basement in the middle of the slightly less magical area of London – Dalston. If you’re interested, it’s called the Cauldron, and it’s definitely worth a trip. A wonderful birthday present and I felt like a real Hogwarts student. Just don’t buy their house cocktails, they were terrible. Seriously, the worst I had ever tried, except for their gin concoction and their shooter. Urgh. But otherwise, probably the best thing related to Dalston


Then, Jackie had been messaging me for weeks trying to get a date in the diary that I kept forgetting about, but mostly being too busy with sleeping to have time for. However, we agreed on a date, and I made my way to Angel (my favourite part of town) for brunch at Dead Dolls House. As I had not asked Jackie any questions, I was surprised to be asked whether I wanted to start drinking straight away or until she arrived. Yes, bottomless mimosas and a very yummy brunch indeed. After our two hours of boozing, we slipped next door to sing our hearts out at Lucky Voice. I took some convincing (I think Jackie said “Ah come on, let’s do it” and then I had to convince her when we were informed of the cost of hiring “Jacks it’s the same cost of a round of drinks, it’s nothing” Note, I sometimes call her Jacks, but mostly Jackie. It depends on my mood, but I always wonder if she notices…*waves*

Despite our protests, we both walked into the room, shooed away the guy who gives you the microphone and tells you how everything works (being Lucky Voice, half of it never works) and sang for a good 90 minutes. Walking out at 4pm being now relatively sober and it being sunny was quite disconcerting. Jackie then treated me to some ice cream (I know it’s a bore, it’s just for my throat. I need a layer of protection) and overall, it was the perfect birthday day I could have hoped for. Jackie knows me well! So thank you, ma’am.

And I suppose, that’s about it. Thanks to everyone who took part, you have made it a good one xxx


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