Summer lovin’

It seems a million days since but one weekend this Summer I spent a few days with the wonderful Mandy and Matt in Rochester. I made myself get up early on a Saturday (and more surprisingly, made it on time) and we started with a walk around town. The most impressive part of Rochester would be a battle between the Castle, and the Cathedral. I only took a photo of the Castle because why would I take photos of lots of things when one photo sums up the place pretty well:

So pretty. Mandy and I spent the whole day pottering around in between the castle, cathedral, afternoon tea, a trip to the museum, cheese room and ending the day with wetherspoons. I love all the above activities so it was a fantastic day out. Yes, I do like visiting religious places, but only if they have interesting Art or Architecture.

We spent the evening playing cats mansion, and the next day we had a day in playing Lords of Waterdeep. My new favourite game I think, it’s the kind of game I’d happily play online daily…. and then a few rounds of munchkin. A perfect end to a lovely weekend with both, thank you ever so much for having me over to stay!

Note – I have since bought Lords of Waterdeep and it’s very much a favourite! I wrote this post back in the Summer but completely forgot to post it. As Mandy is my biggest fan, she definitely deserves it to be posted.

Loves xoxo


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