We’re jamming, and I hope you like Jamming too

It’s that time of year where I start baking, boiling stuff to put into jars (not sure jarring is the right term) and finally begin to enjoy Christmas merriment. This year I put myself to the test of making Blackberry jam (wasn’t that hard, but not sure if it’s actually set), Sweet Chilli Cranberry Sauce (It’s less sweet and more fiery), a cranberry concoction (not sure what it’s going to taste like) and a red onion relish (which tastes divine). I also would like to make some apple sauce since the Berry household decision this year is to FOREGO the usual turkey and opt for pork instead. Whatevs. I’m not upset or anything…

Homemade Blackberry Jam

For baked goods, I am making a Christmas pud (or two, or even more, depending on time) using my mashup recipe of a bit of Nigella and Delia thrown into a bowl with my Berry twist of Kracken rum into the remix. It’s going to get saucy in the kitchen for sure. This year I have decided to not run with a Panettone as so far my attempts have been far from perfect, and instead I will be making some Lebkuchen. Of course, the annual gingerbread will be available, most likely in unicorn or skeleton form as I have yet to buy any christmas shaped cutters (not like I have the room for them anyway).

And then for the cooked stuff. For the Christmas table I am making a meaty stuffing (it was amazing last year and who doesn’t love stuffing), and a red cabbage dish, even if half the table won’t eat it.

I’m sure I’ll be making other things but for now, that’s the list.

If he’s reading this – No samosas in sight, Tal.

Of course, please discuss any of the above comments into the box below. Happy to share recipes and receive yours!

Loves xoxo


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