We’re going to Ibiza

*I’m not actually going to Ibiza, but I had that song in my head whilst writing this post, so it therefore is the title.*

It’s quite nice (it’s different, it’s unusual) to have readers, and I’ve noticed that I get a lot more when I write about any of my travels. I assume that the morning commute won’t suffice so that means I *must* go on holiday more. I expect that’s the pressure the Insta community receives when they post fancy photos of the Bahamas and gain 10000 followers over night.

I haven’t planned any holidays for 2019, as I’d quite like to get paid first. But I’ve had a few ideas, one of which is Finland and Norway, as I’d quite like to get my nordics on. I’d also love a trip to the US and another back across to Australia to finish off my Australian travels, as I would like to visit Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Yes, they are all on the opposite sides of each other so perhaps a couple of more trips are required. And of course a trip to America would be most welcome.

Or I should save my money and buy an apartment instead.

Ah first world problems eh?

Tonight it is Tal’s NYEE extravaganza, where I will sit in the same spot all night getting drunk until it’s time to go home. This year as he has not made any more home brew (boo), I shall raid the alcohol cupboard for party leftovers. Be warned, there is some weird shit in that cupboard.

And tomorrow I shall be celebrating NYE in Putney with the remainders of THE Bod crew, courtesy of James and Alison. For that party, I have slightly more high brow booze ready for consumption. Call me bubbles darling…

Christmas! I haven’t mentioned that yet. Well, it was a lovely day spent at home with the fam, we ate far too much and only managed one game but that’s what us Berry’s do best. I have lots of lovely presents so a very happy Berry indeed.

Since then, i’ve spent the majority of my time playing Zelda – Breath of the Wild. Mainly because two of my siblings also have the game and playing it together is just like old times. Ah N64 days, how I miss you. Note about the game – It really is huge and when you think a task will take around 20 mins, instead it takes several hours. Oops.

Where was I. Oh, 2019. Well, I have no other plans thus far. Once I’ve started my new job I think I will be better place to start planning the year ahead. I feel a little lost at the moment, most likely because gaming is my daily routine at the moment instead of work. I guess my biggest aim for 2019 is to balance that old work/life thing so my routine isn’t just work. And not just gaming. I need to pick up a few forgotten hobbies (or attempts of hobbies) again to achieve a good level of zen. Since I achieve zen by rearranging cables behind my TV, I doubt it will be too much of a task.

Anyway, if I do not speak to you again, Happy New Year! Hope 2019 is a good year for y’all.



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