Welcome to Miami

Welcome to 2019!

I aim for this year to be a particularly good one, and with more blogging. I let myself down last year by only posting for three months of the year, so this time I will post at least one post per month.

I also will be picking up my music quest, as otherwise I’ll be listening to 90’s albums in my 70’s…who am I trying to kid, I’ll be in da club with a purple rinse requesting Will Smith – Miami fo sho. These posts will be released at the end of each month, allowing me some time to actually listen to the crap that was released at the time. I’m on 1991 by the way, 2018 was a gap year from 8 months of torture. Ok, I say torture because I didn’t quite plan the quest as well as I should have – This time around I will be taking regular breaks to listen to decent music, and not just drivel.

And finally, I’m working on changing my life around a little bit. A bit of self motivation is required to do this, and so I am reading a few books on the subject in order to push myself in the right direction. The first goal is to start waking up a bit earlier, the second is to bring zen into my life (meditation) and the third is weight loss, because why wouldn’t I have a list that didn’t include weight loss on it? I’ve been fat since birth, (except for 2011, in my opinion) so I’m pretty used to that being constantly on my to do list, often unchecked.

To start off the year, I shall recap on the last few weeks, as I’ve not much else to talk about (ignoring Brexit for as long as humanly possible).

NYE was spent at James and Alison’s and we had a marvellous time, ending the evening with a ukulele and a song (You are my sunshine – bastardised by myself). The song was for Doug, Belinda and the new addition to the family, with a slightly creepy but nevertheless loving last line “We’re gunna steal your baby away”. Thinking about it, I’m sure Jackie wrote that last line…

The next day was of course New Year’s Day, and I was surprisingly not hungover. A fabulous meal was cooked yet again by my glorious mother, and again we didn’t play any games…Even after I bought The Tipping Point game because 1) I got a little hooked to watching it one day at Annie’s and 2) who doesn’t like a coin pusher machine. Had to head home early as I was starting my new role the next day.

New job – I’m now on the 8th floor (9 floors higher than I was currently on), and I have a window view. It’s important I state this as I have spent the previous 5 years without natural daylight. Yes, I felt like a vampire for the first week as it was so bright, but I didn’t go all glittery. So at least I know I’m not a twatty vampire.

In my first month I have been to Brighton, and Oslo. It’s a shame I didn’t get to leave the office/hotel for either of those trips due to being super packed with meetings, or it was -8 degrees and in that kind of weather, there has to be something particularly special in order to leave the warmth. My photos of Oslo are mostly snow related, here’s one for you:

Snow in Oslo

And one of the clouds:

Plane in clouds

And a weird menu description:


At some point in between all of this I went for dinner with Marc on what seemed to be the coldest night in London. Well, Wimbledon. We stayed local and ate Pho, it was grand. He happened to leave the country the next day so he can go fuck himself (love you really).

I think that’s about it for now.

Loves xoxo


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