A Tribe called Quest

So it’s been one month in to 2019 and I’ve listened to 45 albums from 1991 (which takes me to late March).

There’s been some fantastic albums, such as Motörhead – 1916, Sting – The Soul Cages, Queen – Innuendo, but this isn’t the best albums of the 90’s, this is the best songs of the 90’s! And what is particularly annoying is that from those very good albums, there isn’t a stand out song that is worthy of being on the list. I’m still trying to establish what key traits allow a song to enter the running – it’s difficult as I’d like to be an arrogant bastard who told y’all that this is the best list, the greatest list, the only list you need to be interested in. But that’s the whole reason I’m here, I was informed incorrectly by a (admittedly nonsensical) TV show that put Relight my fire by Take That and Lulu as Number 1.

Ok, I’m probably repeating myself from about 2 years ago now. But I have now come up with some rules for this quest, because you can’t go alone, take this:

1) The song must have been released from Jan 1st 1990 to December 31st 1999, re-releases and bootlegs do not count. Screw you live albums too.

2) Compilation albums are not included. Ain’t got no time to listen to the same 40 songs over and over.

3) If by chance a single was released but never on an album at the time or ever, I will review accordingly – This was a popular “fuck you Gemma” with British artists in the 80’s/90’s, Assholes.

4) I have to listen to all albums that I can find, and try to source as many as possible. I reckon I have enough friends with music interests to help with that…

5) Stick the the Wikipedia list of albums to listen to, as I’ve not found an alternative option for my source material (I googled it one day for about 2 minutes, gave up). I’d of course prefer an official guideline, and there probably it’s a book in Putney reference Library. Ain’t got time for that, need it digital, yo.

Back to the present day, I’ve found a couple of songs so far which have been added to the shortlist, which shall not be shared with you at this stage. I have realised that this whole quest is pretty worthless unless someone else concurs that the songs I have chosen were the best of the decade, and I’m sure there isn’t an idiot out there willing to do so. But regardless, I shall continue and maybe in 2030 someone will pick me up as a Buzzfeed article. Note, in 2030, Buzzfeed is a well established media outlet that is trusted and not full of quizzes, so it’s a good thing…

Ah well, that’s enough 90’s music for one month, I will take a day or two as a break and update you next month.

Favourite album of 1991 so far: R.E.M – Out of time.

Favourite song of 1991 so far: I touch myself – Divinyls (I mean, it’s one of my favourites of all time so not much will “beat” that).

Loves xoxo


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