Just a day

Today I shall write an impromptu review of this evenings events. Impromptu because I have a list of blog titles with expecting content, and this isn’t in that list. Breaking da rulez.

“da rulez” because this evening was spent catching up with Anna, Kathryn and Michelle. Or Jackie, whatever. Long forgotten slang became a part of my vocabulary and we listened to Kathryn recall memories of years past, memories I had apparently tossed aside.

To add some context, I’ve not seen Kathryn since we left school, and I’ve not seen Anna for about a year, so we had lots to discuss “Omg do you remember when the boys stole our football and wrote bod crew on it”. Yes, I do now.

We were the group of misfits that spoke to the teachers in the playground. The kids who set up their own tea and coffee options in the common room when the Canteen prices increased. The teens who wanted to break out of school to join the anti war protest but instead sat in a circle in the playground until we were scared of being suspended.

Not rebellious in the slightest but man, we would have been if we weren’t so well behaved. The naughtiest thing I did at school was skip assembly with Kathryn one day, and no one bloody noticed.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I laughed so much tonight, thank you Charlie’s Angels. Yes, I definitely remember a photo of you three posing..

Now it’s time to listen to early naughties music and reminisce xoxo



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  1. Good one. Strikes a cord with everyone who’s reading and nostalgic! I would say, your best one so far. Yes and I did google ‘bod’ crew. Keep writing Gemm.


  2. “bod” was a term for people who were intelligent back when I was at school. It doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning now, but that’s children for you!


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