And another one rides the bus

Imaginative titles here, all Haikus

N87 – a haiku
You have windows which
Is good. The new ones fucking
Smell in the summer

N87 – another haiku
Oh bus, thank you so,
For being on time for once.

Haiku to the n87
Oh bus, you were late
But empty. So back of you
I shall sit. With ease.

N87, from Wandsworth for a change
You were pleasant, yes
but full, so I went to the
top deck, just for you.

Double haiku, N87 y’all
Fuck that bar was shit
The one we used to go to
Was shit back then, too

Bus however could
get me home safely rather
than spend a fortune

Haiku to the N87 – It’s been too long (pt1)
Tonight you’re silent
but I am happy with this
could be worse, you know.

Night bus continued (pt2)
You became too loud,
FaceTime and other such shit
Weed smell is strong, yo

N87 for jokes (pt3)
Facetime still here
Ain’t becoming quieter
Wimbledon is far

N87 cont.(pt 4 – it was a really bad journey)
I want to throw up
Not because I’m boozy, but
for the petting, yah.

To the N87
To the top deck coz,
I’m in that kind of mood not
back of the bus, bruv

N87 Haiku – back for 2019
It smells of maccies
The dude in front has three dips
This is London life.

2nd N87 haiku (It’s a long journey)
Smells of KFC
Americans are up front
I blame them of course

Route 26 haiku
Traffic aplenty
No air flow or air con is
Pretty shit these days


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