Another one rides the bus

Collection 1 of N87 poetry. Title thanks to Weird Al.
N87 - an ode of sorts

You take me right
Outside my door
Full of drunken fights
How can I not adore
Thee for entertainment
Even if you take an age
And your terrible scent
Sends me into a mad rage
Seriously though, I thank thee
For being (almost) free.
I could be much ruder
But you’re cheaper than an Uber.

N87, you’ve been a delight!
Taking me home tonight.
Yes, you’ve done very well,
Despite your terrible smell

N87 - Another ode

Oh bus
What fuss
It is, to wait for you.
But when you’re on time,
I start a rhyme
About you’re glorious route,
This morn you’re busy
With people who are quite dizzy
And ready to puke
So, I appreciate your slow ride
(This Yuletide)
For the vomit doesn’t near my feet 


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