Poetry in motion

I like to write poetry. But not anything meaningful or remotely good – just silly odes, haikus and any other structure I think of at the time of writing. None of these take more that 5 minutes to write, and generally are about London transport – specifically the N87, my night bus home for 4 years.

Since the N87 isn’t now my most direct route – although it does depend where I am out drinking that evening, I thought it was time to create a collection, and where cheaper than to do it on my blog!

For this, I have created a new menu option aptly named “Poetry..”, so you can take a wander through various states of mind, level of drunkenness and self indulgence.

I  expect to add to the posts as I go on, and who knows what else I’ll write. You can find the N87 poems on the following posts ( I quite enjoyed naming them):

Another one rides the bus

And another one rides the bus

Enjoy xoxo


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