We knew we’d get there someday

A little while ago, I compiled several mini playlists which contain some of my favourite songs. I thought that for today’s blog post, I will list them out here with some context, as that wasn’t really provided at the time, and I’d like to elaborate.

#1 – It begins with Elton John and ends with Train. This playlist is full of classic artists (+Train) and songs that aren’t their most popular. Why? It seems pretentious, but it’s for educational purposes. So many people I speak to say that an artist is one of their favourites, but only list the 2 most successful songs they released. I’m guilty of this too, mainly because I listen to so much damn music I forget my favourites (hence making playlists to capture my memory). Train – Drops of Jupiter is one of my life anthems, who doesn’t like a song that includes deep-fried chicken?

Star Artist: Nick Drake. Mesmerising music, have a listen to his album “Five Leaves left”.

Star Lyric: “She’s so swishy in her satin and tat” – Queen Bitch, David Bowie.

#2 – More of my favourites (note that R.E.M appears for a second time). I heard the song “853-5937” while watching French & Saunders, and it happens to be the most hated song in the opinion of Squeeze. Why do I like it? It mentions the Northern line, it’s catchy, and I heard it on French & Saunders. Cher appears here with “Just like Jesse James”. If you’re a friend of mine, you’ll know that I perform a Cher impression when I’ve consumed enough alcohol (usually it only needs to be in the vicinity, I could be stone-cold sober). However, I haven’t performed this one as I don’t think I could give it justice.

Star Artist: Carole King. With her on the playlist, I couldn’t choose anyone else.

Star Lyric: “It’s the end of the world on the Northern Line” – 853-5937, Squeeze

#3 – So Carole King appears on this playlist too; therefore she won’t be the star artist this time (Got to give others a chance, right?). I’m a massive Tina Turner fan, so “A Fool in Love” is an insight into her early career, you can hear the rock voice pleading to be released. This playlist eases me into Sunday afternoons, and of course “Sunday Morning” by the Velvet Underground & Nico is an obvious choice.

Star Artist: Very tough choice, but I’ve decided on Barbara Lynn.

Start Lyric: “You’re beautiful, as you feel.”

#4 – It seems as I was creating these, the number of songs per playlist reduced somewhat. Maybe I was losing interest or trying to keep them short so readers would be more inclined to listen. I must have been in a particular mood when I created this one, it’s full of songs I’d play if I were only slightly pissed off.

Star Artist: Etta James. Duh.

Star Lyric: “You know your problem, you keep it all in” – You keep it all in, The Beautiful South.

#5 – Ah…I know what this Playlist is. This is what I play when I’m in love. With anything mind, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a man. So many amazing songs, I am finding it very difficult to decide the best artist and lyric. So instead I’ll try to talk about each song (Sorry).

“Talking shit about a pretty sunset” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, a song of hopelessness.

“Across the Lines” is moving, powerful and telling, again, a very beautiful song. You’d think it was misplaced in this playlist, but not to me.

“Seven days in the sun” is my teenage Summer, waiting for the school holidays to start.

“Shining Light” see above.

“Under Control” whenever I hear this, I fall instantly in love. I can’t quite work out why.

“All these things that I’ve done” – This whole album is parties in my late teens. I got Soul, but I’m not a Soldier. Come on, anthem ready and waiting.

“Friday I’m In Love” – Possibly the most popular Cure song, I play it every Friday. Living for the weekend, y’all.

“All Hype” – Britpop, unreleased single. A pretentious choice? Maybe. Lyrics are great though.

“Boys in the Band” – The beginning, the middle, the end. “And they all get them out, for the boys in the band” is a great lyric.

“The Bewley Brothers” – I enjoy how schizophrenic this song is. All over the place, one of my top Bowie tunes.

#6 – A much larger playlist and I can tell you this is when I’m really in love. It’s more mainstream with some modern artists, has lots of artist repetition and not it’s spaced out very well. It’s a playlist of the moment when all you want to hear is (your) best of that artist to instantly lift you up. I’d play this in the middle of winter to remind me that Spring is around the corner.

Star Artist: Aretha Franklin

Star Lyric: “I dare you to let me be your, your one and only” – One and only, Adele

#7 – The largest playlist, and very indulgent. I can’t provide any excuses for this one, and I am not ashamed, even if it does contain Ronan Keating and Backstreet Boys. As a fan of multiple genres, this helps understand what goes on in my head regularly. From bass-slapping beats from Prince to…Well, Avril Lavigne. Don’t judge me!

Star Artist: Prince.

Star Lyric: “She said, you don’t know what you mean to me” – Dilemma, Nelly.

Choose the playlist that suits your mood, listen and enjoy. Feel free to comment with your playlists too, I’d love to hear it.





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