Knocked me right off my feet

I’m in Sydney!

Landed on Tuesday after a gruelling 22hr flight (with a 2hr stopover in Abu Dhabi). Fortunately for the first flight I had an empty seat next to me which was much appreciated. Etihad Economy has a decent amount of room which I was surprised by – I’ve previously flown with Qantas which wasn’t as spacious. The second flight however…I was sat next to a mother with her child (I’d say around 8 years old). Her first words to me were “Are you going to get up at all during the flight to go to the toilet” (I was by the window). My response was:

“I cannot predict my bodily functions, I expect I will be getting up but I can’t time it for you.”

Needless to say she went to sleep and I had to wake her up a few times, she seemed confused each time I wanted to get up. I did note that neither her or her son had much liquid and they didn’t get up at all, so I assume dehydration tactics were at play. My advice – Get up offa that thang!

Moving on – Wednesday I didn’t do much – I visited a local shopping area which was a nice walk to help ease the jet lag, had a nap and then an early night. Then Thursday happened.

My plans were: Visit the local secondhand bookstore/cafe/bar (yes, anyone who knows me should remember that it’s my destiny to own such an establishment), go to a gaming arcade (love an arcade), meet Marc and Paul for lunch and head to go to the local pool for some swimming. However, I took the bus from the bookstore into the centre and as I was walking down the street, I fell over. Yes, calamity Berry. I managed to roll my ankle on the curb as I was moving out of the way for someone, and slammed to the ground. Immediately a swarm of pedestrians stopped to help, which was quite lovely. After a bit of a breather I pulled myself up and limped away to the arcade. I missed out on the swimming as I didn’t think that was such a good idea.

My foot is very swollen, sore and bruised. Sprained ankle on basically day 1 of venturing out on my own. So fucking typical.

Today I have decided to take it easy and have some breakfast at a local cafe. Sat here writing this post after demolishing a breakfast bap and a flat white. Coffee in Australia has never let me down, and it certainly hasn’t this morning. Other than catching up with Marc and Paul, it’s a good reason for me to visit. Seriously.

My first impression of Sydney is a good one, a very modern city in comparison to other Aussie cities I’ve visited in the past. I’ve not had much of an explore yet due to busting my ankle (I was sober, FYI), but tonight we are going to the Noodle Markets which should be fun.

Other than being completely pissed off with myself for falling over, I feel very relaxed and happy. Stress-free holidays are the best, where you don’t have to be concerned with what is happening back home, so my current unemployment status (with a job lined up) has been very dreamy.

Flat white, Sprained ankle, Me!

Coffee, Foot, Berry. My kind of collage.

Keep an eye out for a few more posts over the next couple of weeks. They might even include some more photos 🙂

Loves xoxo



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  1. Hi Gem,
    Sorry to hear about you calamity, I hope it eases soon.
    You must try a Thai green curry pasty…OMG … LUSCIOUS !!
    Have a fabulous time my darling xxxx
    Love you lots oxox 😍


  2. Try and enjoy mate, I’ve seen the the photo of your poor foot and it does look very sore.x.


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