And the living is easy

With my foot on the mend, I decided to do a little exploring. I visited the Sydney Art Gallery – worth a visit if you’re ever in town. My favourites were the Picassos (obvs) and “A young lady holding a pug dog”. There was one painting that reminded me of one that hangs in my parents living room which was painted by one of my relatives. I’ll do a side by side comparison when I get around to it, but if anyone has a relative that also has a painting similar to this in their house, I’d like to hear from you. Apologies for the shit photo, I wasn’t planning to post it!

After a good few hours of walking around, I had a meander through the Royal Botanical Gardens. Very green, and I caught a glimpse of the ever famous bridge. Of course I didn’t take a photo of that, or any photos of the gardens, but I did take a photo of a phallic map:

Phallic map of Royal Botanical Gardens
No, you’re welcome.

Marc and I went on a little drive to get some views – we went to the Royal National Park which had some gorgeous scenery, but I can’t help but compare Sydney to Melbourne. I hate doing it but everything Sydney has, Melbourne does better. Or doesn’t have it at all, because hills are awful things. I can’t complain though, the weather here is beautiful.

I’ve had two aussie brunches so far, both very nice. Superior to the UK for sure, and the coffee has been almost too good. Like they’ve added cocaine to it or something.

We also have taken a number of trips to the supermarket Coles, because we need to eat. On my trips so far my favourite items have been a 2ltr bottle of fresh custard, some kangaroo jerky and mansize frozen meals. I shall continue to search for the best groceries, which seems to be something I can’t help but do.

I eventually had the strength in my foot to go swimming! Sadly the facilities are a bit rank, the entrance is through the pool area so you walk in from the street through via the swimming – which is wet, therefore mud is everywhere. I did some exercises for my foot – no idea if bicycle kicks for 30 minutes would be a good idea but afterwards my foot has felt much better. I did a some laps and was throughly knackered (I don’t exercise at all so this is progress). My arms are feeling the burn this morning, so yay!

Today I’m going to stay local as I cannot be bothered to go into the city today. Coffee, reading, sunshine and chill. My kind of day.

Loves xoxo


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