Girl you know it’s true

I was sat in a bar a day before my 32nd Birthday with some of the besties, and Milli Vanilli – “Girl you know it’s true” starts playing on the speakers.

The next few minutes became the most confusing moments of my year thus far.

1. I started singing along to the chorus.
2. I noticed that no one else was singing along.
3. I questioned why they were not singing along.
4. I received the comment “Never heard this song before”.
5. Speechless.

Now, it’s not the best song in the world. I’m not saying everyone should really know and love the song, but it really threw me because I was certain it was a very popular song that surely everyone had heard before?

I started to do some research.

1. The song was released in June 1988 (I was 4 months old).
2. It reached number 3 in the UK singles chart on the 5th November 1988 (I was 9 months old).
3. It stayed in the charts until 24th December 1988 (You guessed it, 10 months old).

So I was a bit too young to know the song when it was released. Where did I hear it?

I did some more research, to see if it was ever on a compilation album. In our household, we had quite a large Now That’s What I Call Music back catalogue, so I decided to stick with that, and not go down a long ass rabbit hole.

It appeared on NOW 13. I think we had that one, but maybe on cassette. It’s track 24 – perhaps a bit far down to be listened to regularly.

So then I thought – Maybe it was on an advert. I couldn’t find it being used for an advert until 2018, which is way too late. I feel like I’ve known this song forever.

One thing that stands out about this song to me is the music video, I can see big shoulders, skinny waists and red clothes when I hear the song, so I do a quick google:

And yes, I know this video. Now I’m thinking perhaps my music channel upbringing.

I would settle for that however, my sister states that she also does not recognise the song. I asked my brother but he has yet to listen to it. The other brother is too young for me to mind if he doesn’t know it.

Now I’ve run out of ideas, I reach out to you. Do you remember any time from 1988-2020 where this song was heavily featured? Do you even know this song?

I look forward to hearing your responses!

Loves xoxo


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