Working 9-5, What A Way To Make A Living

Technically 9-5:30 but we’ll skip over that.

After some moving around of the corner of my room that holds my fancy dress accessories, and a box of unfinished projects, I managed to fit in a desk (borrowed from my brother). I’ve wanted a desk in the flat for a long time, so happy that I have finally made that move.

Unfortunately, that does mean that the hallway is a little cluttered, but we do have quite a large hallway so it’s not too bad.

So working from home temporarily on a full-time basis is a little difficult for me. I’m a social animal, which means I’m often found at a pub after work with friends – the flatmate and I spent Sunday evening watching the music channel, drinking wine and playing Articulate, which was very welcome. We have a nice collection of board games, a wide selection of DVD’s, books and of course a few streaming services to keep us occupied.

Failing that, I’m hoping that I finally finish some of those aforementioned projects. This weekend I spent some time cutting recipes out of my Good Food magazines – Next step is to put them all in a folder, categorised, and wait for food to be back in the shops to cook some of them.

Other projects include:

  • Creating some wall art out of bedsheets that Marc put our faces on 12 years ago.
  • Embroidery – relearning my skills from when I was much younger.
  • Doing some more ancestry research.
  • Continuing my music quest to find the best songs of the 90’s.
  • Updating this blog.

Plenty to get on with – who knows how long this will last.

I’ll likely be updating this blog regularly over the coming weeks, because who doesn’t want to read about what goes on in my head when I’m stuck at home?

Oh, and if you are feeling a little isolated, I’m always happy to do a video call to see your beautiful faces.

Loves xoxo



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