Insane In The Membrane

This morning I woke up a little ratty (didn’t sleep very well) and felt something was missing. Other than delicious tasting fresh coffee (need to buy some beans), I couldn’t place it.

And then it hit me.

On my commute to and from the office, I listen to music (a lot of people do).

I’ve not been listening to music!

Today I play music.

Which made me ponder – Perhaps I should jump on the bandwagon and create a social distance playlist. Then I realised all my playlists are social distancing unless you like cheese.

Found myself climbing the walls today.  Thankfully I have plenty of work to keep me occupied during the day, but I’m really missing walks etc. This evening I had a little walk to pick up a PS2 from the Bearded One, so that was nice to have some human interaction (from several paces away).

Incidentally, PS2 = Singstar, which will be welcomed over the next however long.

I picked up some Guinness on the way home as to not miss St Patrick’s day. I’m apparently a little bit Irish but any bloody excuse to drink really. As someone who tends not to drink at home, I’m adapting to it relatively well.

Tonight I intend to set up the Playstation and the surround sound system that I will most likely purchase from my brother. The TV in the living room has very poor sound, so if we’re to stay in for an extended period of time, we need volume!

Stay entertained people.

Loves xoxo



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