Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Since I’ve practising social distancing for two weeks, the one thing that I’ve missed is pub times with the pals.

Last night I held our first VirtualPub at The Shine/The Shite/Fuck Off Tal, and it was glorious. We used Zoom to much success (except my video keeps cutting out, likely a work-related issue than anything), with 7 of us (plus some children on occasion) dialled in to have a bit of a natter and some drinks.

I was surprised that with 7 of us dialled in, it wasn’t complete chaos. The usual bullying was still present, with the Bearded one as the centre of our attention. It’s all too easy.

However, I must remember to buy crisps/pork scratchings/nuts next time. Or source those crispy chilli bites that only seem to exist in pubs.

For our future VirtualPub nights, we have planned to:

  • Set a new name for each Pub we visit.
  • Set a background for visitors (We had a bit of noodle action for some time this week).
  • Hold a quiz every now and then (I’m currently creating a Music Quiz for next week).
  • Bring a prop/wear a wig/fancy dress. That’s mostly just for me.

Because why keep it the same when we always go to different pubs each time we meet?

Since it’s me, here’s some stats to keep it geeky:

  • Money spent: £6 on a bottle of wine.
  • Props used: Giant spoon (to stir the shit with), beer mat stolen from a Sam Smiths to stop people looking at their phones.
  • Best quote “Get home safe”

Loves xoxo


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