Thank you for the days

“Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me”.

30 days, 30 songs.

Finally, a challenge I can do without too much effort. Well, I forgot to do it on multiple occasions, so it was a bit too much effort for me really.

I’ve used Twitter as my posting platform, that way I don’t annoy anyone. If you are interested, check out my twitter feed (@berrycakeness) – I have however curated a playlist of the songs for your listening pleasure if you don’t need any context.

Before you complain and state that there’s 31 songs rather than 30, it’s because I took liberties with Day 17. Who will be Meatloaf to my Cher?

One of you will be my lucky victim.

And actually,  there’s 32 songs because I’m no basic bitch – I’d like to add on to this list; Day 31: A song you’d lip sync for your life to.

#musicchallenge Day 31: A song you’d lip sync for your life to. Listen and imagine me lip-syncing whilst wearing my Bette Midler Hocus Pocus wig. You’re welcome. It Should Have Been Me, Yvonne Fair.

If you’re looking to do this mini-challenge yourself, see below:

Loves xoxo



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