Berrycakeness – What the hell?

I’m a 32 (gasp) year old female, which I would expect to be a common age/gender combo for writing blogs. Mostly because latent teenage angst kicks in (unless you were of the angst variety in earlier years) but personally because I enjoy writing, especially to an audience of strangers. I’m also a bit angsty.

Unfortunately, the content of this blog won’t always be topical, intellectual or remotely riveting. Don’t worry, I will speak about myself a lot.

Berrycakeness was a nickname from school, and I’ve stuck with it for most things.  My surname is Berry, which helps explain it somewhat, but really it’s one of those inside jokes that make no sense.

I work for a software company. I want to be a comic of some sort, but I’m nowhere near that mark quite yet. After reading Miranda Hart’s autobiography, I’ve realised I’ve stolen her show – for about 30 years. Looking to redefine and get moving.

Enjoy my ramblings. Who knows how long it will last.


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  1. I’m sure your ramblings will be ace 🙂


  2. Hello your Berrycakeness. Looking forward to more ramblings anon! x


  3. Looool I thought it was going to be a blog about cakes. I’m not really much of a baker so reading about angst-y-ness things will be much more interesting 🙂


  4. I don’t help myself by being a bit of baker either…But I promise there will be a lack of baking related blog posts!


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